Hello dear guest!
   We welcome you to our new website. We will introduce to you new features of photos, actually much more than we used to think about them. The traditional view of photography is usually to stop the moment or time, to save the picture of the world, and at any opportunities come back to that moment in our memories, and for the future generations show the reality which we seenwith our own eyes.
   However, there is an exception to every rule. For example, the picture, combined with the spiritual thought capable ,just like painting, create wonders.
It can solve the problem of chronic fatigue, increase vitality, positively affect not only on mood but also on overall health. Photography helps to increase your self-esteem, supports creative development that will positively affect on the overall state of mind.
   For any person, and  especially for creative person there are always desires to learn the unknown: learn something new, expand own horizons and see the world differently. Time does not stand still, and today, thanks to the rapid development in technology, doors to many opportunities open to everything, including in the field of photography. Very often, events, phenomena, objects which seem difficult at first, later on become quite simple, and vice versa. Simple things have extremely complex contents.
   To realize it, sometimes can be done only with a help of photography. This is why photography has a very high position in the history, science and in the daily life of a person.
  On the page <Room> of our website, we will discuss the issues, which are often raised by the ordinary people (not professional) which had poor understanding of something or did not have any explanation of some events, in a simple, accessible form, so the use of photography will be the most effective tool.
  All the basic graphical part of our development is located in the galleries on
the page <Salon>.
  Sections of our site regularly updated and with every visit, you will always find new and interesting material.
  We hope that here you will find what you are looking for, and it will help you not only in your creative work, but also in everyday life.
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